Logistics and Connectivity

The Great Lakes can be reached via the St. Lawrence Seaway and the U.S. Inland Waterway system of rivers. When connected the complete system offers a marine highway through the heartland of the United States, providing efficient access to population centers and manufacturing sites from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Coast. WMPO port sites on the shores of West Michigan are positioned to connect Michigan Highway and Railroad infrastructure to this marine highway system, making these ports ideal candidates for innovative manufacturing and assembly.

Below are maps of the waterways and accessibility of intermodal transportation along the West Michigan coast.

St. Lawrence Seaway (73KB) - Download PDF

Michigan Rail System (1.04KB) - Download PDF

Grand Rapids, Michigan Rail System (811KB) - Download PDF

Inland Waterway System (178KB)- Download PDF

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Inland waterways videos

This video provides an opportunity to learn about our nation's inland navigation infrastructure - our rivers, waterways and canals and the locks and dams that enable navigation of these waters. You will also learn the role this Invisible Transportation Infrastructure plays in our daily lives. You'll also get a first-hand look at the current state of the locks and dams and you'll hear from the people who use the system as well as from those who maintain it.


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